Programs of FMCCS

The following programs or projects are supported in full or in part by donations made to the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools. Descriptions provided below.


Grants to Equip, Inspire & Innovate

Classroom and Small Project Grants
Multi-Classroom, School & System Grants
High Impact Innovation Grants

Global Grants
Outdoor Education Grants
Elementary Library Grants
Professional Development Grants

Foundation Forums
School Transformation Initiatives
Drop Out Prevention

Health & Wellness Initiatives
Bradford Woods Scholarships
LOTS Scholarships

FMCCS Science Initiative
Middle School Library Initiative

Scholarships and Awards for High School Students
FMCCS/IUCU Leadership Awards
GED Scholarships
The Personal Achievement Banquet


Since awarding its first grant in 1976, the Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools has awarded 1,440 grants to MCCSC teachers, administrators and students for educational projects to improve and enhance the educational development of students. Grants projects are required to impact student learning and support state educational standards. Currently, the Foundation offers four types of grants

  • Classroom & Small Project Grants for classrooms, field trips and small projects
  • Multi-Classroom, School & System Grants for teachers and administrators
  • High Impact Innovation Grants for large projects & requests by administrators
  • Elementary School Library Grants funded by a gift from an anonymous donor

Any MCCSC teacher, administrator, or student may apply for a grant from FMCCS. For an application, guidelines or information on past awards, please follow the link at the beginning of this section.

Global Grants are a category within our grant program and are sponsored through a partnership with the Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change.  The intent of these grants is prepare students to interact and succeed in globally interconnected and culturally diverse world.  Grants support classroom projects, curriculum and professional development that align with a global perspective and methodology.



Outdoor Education Grants are a category withing our grant program and are sponsored by a family foundation whose intent is enrich learning in an outdoor setting or perspective.  

FMCCS Science Initiative

The FMCCS Science Initiative is a multi-phased effort to improve and enhance science education in MCCSC. Generous donations from local businesses and organizations have allowed the Foundation to fund an MCCSC science content coordinator, to underwrite a Science Resource Center, and to purchase equipment for a science equipment loan program. The MCCSC science content coordinator is responsible for aligning and articulating curriculum system-wide, for supporting teachers in the instruction of science, and for working with institutions of higher education and local employers to develop a stronger curricular tie between classroom content and career preparation. The MCCSC Science Resource Center was opened to support classroom science instruction and a science equipment loan program was begun to offer teachers access to sophisticated equipment that would not otherwise be available for use in classrooms.

The Science Initiative is made by possible by: Jerry and Catherine Arthur, Lynn and Uta Coyne

Student Health and Fitness Initiatives

The Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools recognizes the importance that the health and physical well-being of students and staff plays in K-12 education. Research has shown that healthier students are better able to learn than those that are less healthy. Diseases such as childhood obesity and related conditions can directly impact the ability of our students to learn on a daily basis. In recognition of this risk, the FMCCS is proud to provide resources to our schools that enhance the health, fitness, and overall wellness of our children.

  •  Healthy Schools Challenge Grants: This grant program is supported annually by the Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital’s Community Department and Indiana Univeristy Health Southern Indiana Physicians.  Grants are available to schools that choose to participate by developing an on-site Health and Wellness team, providing a brief funding and action plan and complete a year end report.  
  • MCCSC Curriculum Support: FMCCS supports the school district not only by providing funding for grants but also for health and fitness curricular needs. The Sweat Every Day program was established with support from the Bloomington Hospital, the Community Foundation and the IU School of HPER/President’s Challenge. This program encourages students and staff to log their physical activities and earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award of the President’s Challenge. Additional support by FMCCS was provided to help purchase materials for the Michigan Model health curriculum and to obtain the curriculum and professional development to implement the new physical education curriculum, Physical Best.

Educating Our Children In and For the 21st Century

With the support of 15 local businesses and organizations, the Foundation has convened a series of community conversations about the future of public education locally. Speakers and panelists representing international, state and local perspectives have engaged our community in thought-provoking conversations about our expectations for education in a rapidly changing 21st Century. For more information about these important community events and upcoming opportunities to participate, visit Our sponsors include:

Read 180

Scholastic’s READ 180 is a comprehensive, research-based intervention program for students in grades four and above whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. The program, based on the work of Dr. Ted Hasselbring and Janet Allen, addresses students’ individual needs through adaptive and instructional software, high interest and age appropriate literature, and direct instruction in reading skills. The program offers additional support for English Language Learners and Special Needs students. READ 180 was implemented in seven MCCSC schools in the fall of 2006. FMCCS is pleased to financially support this innovative approach designed to proactively address concerns that 34% of our high school students read at least one year below grade level. After one semester of implementation in MCCSC, Read 180 students averaged growth in reading skills equivalent to what we normally expect in one year; a significant accomplishment considering that the students participating in Read 180 enter the program because they are reading from one to six years below grade level. Donations to support this program have been received from the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County and an anonymous donor.

Bradford Woods

Since 1957, fifth graders throughout our school system have been spending part of a week in the woods with their teachers and classmates at Bradford Woods, an auxillary program of Indiana University. It is an invaluable outdoor learning experience for these young people and one that the Foundation believes no child should have to miss because of financial constraints. FMCCS has been providing scholarships for the last 25 years to children who otherwise would be unable to attend Bradford Woods. For more information on the curriculum and outdoor experience at Bradford Woods, please follow the link provided above. Funding made possible by generous individuals throughout our community and the Bradford Woods Endowed Fund at FMCCS. Learn More

Scholarships and Awards

The Foundation of Monroe County Community Schools manages and administers 29 scholarships and awards to support a variety of educational opportunities for high school students. Recipients are chosen by teachers, administrators or counselors at area high schools. For information on establishing a scholarship or award, please contact the Foundation at 330-7700. To apply for a Foundation scholarship, please visit your high school guidance office. A detailed list of Foundation scholarships and awards can be accessed by clicking on the link above. The names of recent recipients are also provided.

Personal Achievement Awards Banquet

Each year, the Foundation and the Bloomington Central Lion’s Club sponsor a banquet to honor a group of exceptional students. Each of the award winners has chosen to persevere in the face of adversity in their life in order to continue pursuing an education. These young people are selected for this honor by their teachers, who nominate them and make the awards presentation.

Endowment Funds

The Foundation maintains a number of professionally managed endowment funds established by individuals and organizations in the community for the purpose of sustaining long term funding for various programs to benefit students. For more information on establishing an endowed fund, contact the Foundation at 330-7700. Donations to previously established endowed funds are accepted at any time. For a list of current endowed funds, please follow endowment funds link above.