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Our Spring 2014 Grant cycle has officially closed for both

Multi-Classroom, School, & System Grants and

Classroom & Small Project Mini-Grants. 

ALL grants must be submitted through our online application system.

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FMCCS Grant Programs Description

The Foundation awarded its first grants in 1976 and continues to award grants annually for the benefit of local students. We believe that every educator should have the resources necessary to ensure that all students are successful. To date, FMCCS has awarded more than $2 million in educational grants to MCCSC faculty, staff and students.

The FMCCS grant program is broken into three types of grants, depending on dollar amount.  Each of these grants fund materials, supplies, and projects that directly benefit students and teachers of the MCCSC and align with state standards and school improvement plans.  All proposals will be approved by the appropriate school principal(s) and MCCSC administrator(s).  The grants are intended to fund projects that will have a long-term benefit, and FMCCS will not fund “consumables,” items considered to be disposable, for one-time use, or for distribution.  Designated funding is available this school year to support outdoor education or projects reflecting a global perspective & addressing global issues. 

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • materials and supplies for classrooms
  • equipment and technology, including software
  • curricular field trip expenses
  • authors, speakers, and experts
  • support for professional development
  • materials, supplies, and experts that emphasize a global classroom or project
  • materials and supplies that emphasize learning through outdoor education

The following charts will help applicants determine which grants program best aligns with their funding needs. All MCCSC faculty, staff, and students are eligible to apply.

All applications and guidelines are available through the “Grant Applications” section of our website.

Grant Program Deadline Who Can Apply Restrictions

Classroom & Small Project Mini Grants

$250 – $1,000


MCCSC Employees


Only 50% of field trips.

No professional development.

No consumables.

Multi-Classroom, School & System Grants

$1,000 – $5,000

September 30th

February 3rd

MCCSC Employees


No consumables.

High Impact Innovation Grants

Over $5,000

September 30th MCCSC Principals and Administrators No consumables.

Elementary Library Grants

$250 – $1,000

September 30th MCCSC Elementary School Librarians No technology.
  Classroom & Small Project Mini Grants Multi-Classroom, School, District & System Level Grants High Impact Innovation Grants Elementary Library Grants
Classroom Materials, Supplies, Equipment & Technology X X  
Field Trips X      
Library Books X X X X
Classroom/ School Visits by Experts or Authors X X X  
Professional Development   X X  
Globalizing Instruction X X    

Any MCCSC employee or student may apply for grants from the Foundation. However, High Impact Innovation grants must be presented by an administrator. Applications and guidelines are available on this website for all of the Foundation’s grant programs. For more information contact your building representative (full list available here).

Despite these funding opportunities, many educators will still find it necessary to either fund learning materials through out-of-pocket spending or forgo opportunities for their students. To provide teachers and other front-line educators with another option, the Foundation is partnering with, a web-based program that provides a simple way to fulfill needs in the classroom and to foster innovation in our public schools. Teachers post projects online and donors choose what they’d like to fund.

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